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bodyweight training

Get Back to Shape with Body weight Training and Improve Strength and Endurance

Bodyweight exercises are strength training exercises in which an individual uses his own weight to provide resistance against gravity. Bodyweight exercises are the most dedicated bodybuilding training instructions. It helps to lose body fat, get fit and bulk up with simple exercises. These exercises do not require special equipment or effective exercises to strengthen the body.

However, to get the most of your Bodyweight Training which is also a form of HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training needs to be done under the supervision of a qualified Fitness Trainer.

Bodyweight Training can enhance major motor abilities such as strengthening, power, endurance, speed, flexibility using simple abilities like pulling, pushing, squatting, planks, lunges, step-ups, twisting and balancing. Doing at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activities and vigorous activities per week helps to strengthen muscle groups. Trying out alternative exercises gives you more resistance and challenge to reach your fitness goals.

Proper forms and techniques are very essential to do body weight exercises and get the most out of the workout to get in the form.

Types of Bodyweight Exercises

  • Burpees
  • Jump Squats
  • Handstand Push up
  • Bird Dog
  • Bicycle Crunch
  • Single leg bodyweight deadlift

Whether you are a beginner or someone looking to take your fitness to the next level, FitNFab Fitness Studio offers trained fitness instructors who will guide you with different bodyweight training exercises and train you to work out that work on specific muscles.

Benefits of Bodyweight Exercises

  • Increases flexibility in the body
  • Achievement of better body balance
  • Strengthens body to make quick and easy actions
  • Helps to develop techniques and form for long term training
  • These are easily accessible and can be modified as per the needs
  • Increases mobility and stability to create a positive influence on mind and body


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    The energy the trainers have is amazing. It really motivates me to work harder and keep going. Thank you FitNFab for such wonderful energy!

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    My experience at FitNFab has been awesome. I took it for a fat loss session and the results were amazing from day one.

    • Maya
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    I have started my gym sessions with FitNFab from the very beginning. They have trained professionals and their sessions are really amazing, I love working out here.

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